We match a certified ON-STAGE HOMES' Home Manager and their showroom style furnishings with your listing.  Our design team works their magic to transform your listing from Vacant to WOW at no cost to you!

The Home Manager resides in and cares for your home while it is being marketed for sale.  Offering peace of mind, the Home Manager ensures there are no undiscovered suprises, such as maintenance mishaps or vandalism, while saving you a bundle on homeowner's insurance, utilities, and upkeep.  The listing is show-ready daily, and only thirty days notice is needed upon sale.

Home Managers are savvy professionals who own stylish home furnishings, and undergo a thorough background screening and training process prior to being presented as an ON-STAGE HOMES Home Manager.

Our Leased Staging Packages create First and Lasting impressions that turn showings into SALES!  We design a package to meet your specific marketing and budget needs, while ensuring the most bang for your staging buck!

Our design team previews the home to determine the areas that will best benefit from staging, and begins putting together your "staging plan".    Once you are ready to proceed, our design team meets with the furniture leasing company to hand-select each piece, and coordinates your delivery.  Upon your delivery date, our design team handles everything ... from furniture placement, hanging artwork, dressing beds, and adding decorative accessories and decor to complete your staging.   We promptly send photos upon our completion.    When your listing sells, our design team will meet the furniture rental  company and de-stage the home.  We encourage our clients to leave the home staged until shortly before closing.

Selles are responsible for making direct payment to the furniture rental company.  ON-STAGE HOMES has accessory items such as bedding, accent pillows, decorative throws, lighting, area rugs, and art work are avialable for lease.

vacant home staging

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vacant home staging

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