furnished home staging

An ON-STAGE HOMES designer conducts a hands-on staging consultation that begins with a room-by-room walk through and evaluation with the homeowner.  We address issues such as:

  • Flow and function, working with existing furnishings
  • Emphasize purpose (=Value) of every room
  • De-clutter, de-personalize, and pre-packing
  • Neutralization of design style and color palette
  • Recommendations of high-impact improvements for any budget
  • Improve the homes' overall sale-ability

ON-STAGE HOMES re-redesigns your homes' interiors employing items you already have to highlight the homes' bests  features.  Our goal is to create purpose and flow for every valuable square foot.  While our goal is to maximize use of your existing furniture and decorative items, which minimizes costs, often times it is by adding a few new items that truly brings it all together in the end.